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Annual Events

Fresh Hop Fest

To celebrate all the good fortune of the harvest, American brewers have put a twist on that age old tradition, and the experiment created a new craze in the beer world – Wet Hop/Fresh Hop ale.

Typically, hops are sent to a kiln to be dried. Fresh hops are picked and used immediately for true hop flavors. With fresh hops as opposed to dried, you get scents of fresh cut grass and bright, delicate, juicy flavors. Fresh hop beers are more mellow less concentrated versions of their dry hopped siblings. 

Thirsty yet? The Long Island Fresh Hop Festival gives you the unique opportunity to taste the newest beer you can get, from local brewers and local farmers, right to your lips.

Set amidst the Hop Yard at Jamesport Farm Brewery and LI Hops, Fest attendees get to sample these creations and see the actual ingredients used to create them growing right before their eyes!

The Fest features some of Long Island’s finest breweries showcasing their versions of fresh hop beers alongside the traditional version of the same beer. These fresh hop infused beers are special limited-edition versions of your favorite local beers–many of which are not available to the general public. Brewers are on hand to explain how their creations came to life, and how they chose what beers to fresh hop. 

The annual fall festival also features live music and food trucks for all attendees to enjoy. View photos from previous festivals.

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